The four elements of life – air, fire, water and earth form the basis of all life on Earth.

Head outdoors and experience the elements. Air – the element of inspiration – observe the air and wind. See, hear and feel the wind working itself in and around you. Feel the air moving inside you as you breathe. Feel the air moving out of you back into the air. Fire – fire is energy – feel the energy of the sun (even if it is a cloudy day). Connect your internal fire to the fire at the centre of the earth. Water – the element of flow and emotion – observe the presence of water around you – in trees, streams, in pipes, in your own body. Earth is the element that sustains life – feel your feet on the soil – take off your shoes and walk on the earth barefoot – sense the wonderful connection with the earth. The earth provides a gounding force in our lives.

Notice a flower – see in the flower the sun (fire energy) transformed into form, water transformed into life, see the wind dancing with the flower, see the flower sustained by earth. The flower is life flourishing with intention. Be with the flower as an object of meditation. Now feel yourself sustained by the four elements. Feel yourself flourishing.