storm-cloudsI feel that one of the main reasons for the current confluence of crises we face today is our collective forgetting about our rightful place in the world and a forgetting of how we should live our lives.

So, a really big question for today: How do we find meaning and purpose in these troubled times?

Michael Meade from Mosaic, a mythologist and storyteller, has a rather different view of the crisis. He says:

Change, so greatly desired, is not easily accomplished. Genuine change requires that one’s whole life be altered mind and body, spirit and soul. Such transformations require accepting some element of loss as well as finding a new way to proceed. Usually, the missing ingredient when it comes to making changes is the soul. Since the soul prefers the depths of knowledge, as well as the deeper feelings, life usually has to grow darker and times become harder for soul to enter and meaningful change to begin.

Life seems to be growing darker, and the times seem to be getting harder. Are we ready for genuine change? Or are we just trying to get back to “normal”? I have to say that normal wasn’t so good: for most of the people of the earth, the earth itself, or other creatures! We don’t want to get back to normal; we need to imagine a new way of living, a way of living based on new rhythms, new principles, and a new way of relating (to ourselves, each other, and the earth).

What are we prepared to lose? Or are we all clinging to our securities (or insecurities), which holds us back from a new world emerging?

Perhaps the way “out” of the crisis, is to go deep “inside” it, to see what wisdom we can uncover? In the words of Michael Meade:

Soul would lead us down, past the “bottom line” into the real depths of life. Soul would make us go deeper in order to make us wiser. Secretly, our souls seek wisdom and wisdom is a darker knowledge found in dark places and in dark times.

So I propose a stimulus package for our imaginations! We desperately need more imaginative power than has been shown by business and political leaders, who are really proposing more of the same tired old way. By accessing our inner wisdom, our dreams and our imaginations, perhaps we can re-vision a world that is markedly different from the past, and a long way from “normal”. Perhaps we can all find our own path, not one that has been well worn by others, but the path that is uniquely ours to make.

I am sure that you can imagine a better future world that what is being presented to us at the moment. Do you want to share that with us?